Getting you the best deal

Is your lease approaching a cancellation date or the end date? Are you looking for new corporate real estate? Or do you wish to have your rental contracts managed professionally?

Freestone Transact
only services tenants and end users: this way we look only after your interests!

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You have the opportunity to renegotiate your lease

Is the lease for your office, warehouse or retail building nearing a cancellation or end date?

Together with you we determine the desired strategy in a stay-or-leave business case analysis. Starting from your future needs, all options, including a possible relocation, are worked out.

Site Selection

You want to rent or buy new commercial real estate

Thinking of new offices, stores or warehouses?

Together we determine your needs and the criteria your new location must meet. We explore the market (possibly anonymously) and map out all alternatives.

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Lease Management

You wish to have your lease contracts managed professionally

Do you want important end-dates in your lease contracts to be registered in time? Do you wish to be informed on time about the correct strategy (procedure, rent level, etc.) in the context of a commercial lease renewal?

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Sales Support

You want to valorize your surplus real estate in the best way

Our transactional experts turn your professional property profitable. By only servicing end users, we give you expert advice and integrated support with the sale or commercialization of your surplus company real estate or business premises.

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